UO: Treasures of Wildfire

UO: Treasures of Wildfire

Event series is now live on all shards.  Reward points from this event expire on September 1, 2021 at 12:01 AM ET.

Following the defeat of Holmes’ abomination and the freeing of master artisan Yukio a new an enigmatic figure has emerged – Elidyr.  A spellweaver from centuries ago, he unlocks the secrets of Wildfire and warns of a coming doom that will test Britannians to the core!  Ready your blades and bows and cast your spells as we embark on a new bold adventure in, Treasures of Wildfire! creatures have taken over Dungeon Fire!

With many rewards to collect there is something for everyone!

• 9 Pages of Lore
• Towel from the Orchid
• Robe of the Dark Monk
• Dursllia’s Amathe
• Branches from the Tree of Strife
• Splinter from the Tree of Strife
• Soul Glass Dust
• Idol of Wildfire
• Carved Bone Relic from Holmes
• Solaria’s Secret Poisons
• Stolen Piece of Castambre
• Keys to Yukio’s Holding Cell
• Lucky Abomination Skull
• Mark of Wildfire
• Bloodspawn Ritual Table
• Ember of Wildfire
• Artisan’s Esteem
• Wildfire Ostard

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